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J.C Alfarone About Me And Cancer

alternate text  A resident of Oak Forest for many years, J.C. Alfarone found himself facing the devastating diagnosis of cancer.
During his treatment and eventual recovery he gained new insight into how his time and inventiveness could help
other. In addition to inventing a phone cord device, he take time to volunteer for the CanCare organization which
is a support group for cancer patients and caregivers. About his invention Mr. Alfarone writes the following:

“We are all familiar with the phrase “God why me?” That is the question I asked myself when the doctor told me
that I had cancer. You see I had no time to fight cancer, I still had a lot of thing to do. Although I was sick I always
was looking ahead for when my cancer would be cured. I spent many days at Memorial Hermann Hospital
Northwest, thank you God. Besides them giving me good care, they also had a lot of telephones; thank god they had
a lot of telephone. Because every time I looked at the phone cords, they were either twisted up or tangled up and so
was my wife Louise phone cord twisted up.” Mr. Alfarone foresaw a market for a device that would prevent phone
cords from twisting up and getting tangled. In January 2005 he started out to make such a device and says that” after trying this and that the idea started to come together.” He called his invention the Cobra because it moves inside the middle of the phone cord. J.C. sees a big task ahead of him in marketing the Cobra but says he call on God to “once again” help him succeed.

Do you ever wonder how to celebrate when someone you love overcome CANCER? What could be a better symbol of their struggle and will to survive? J.C .Alfarone has designed a bracelet that state the words every person diagnosed with cancer want to hear. These bracelets is their testament for defeating cancer.

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